Amal Nemer is Growing as a Tech-House DJ and Music Producer: Learn More About This Venezuelan Talent

Amal Nemer is an architect, model and influencer known for winning Miss Intercontinental 2016. She is very passionate about tech house music, where she has grown her profile as a DJ and music producer.

Amal was motivated to get into the music industry because music had always been her escape and medicine. In 2020, she started believing in herself and that she was capable of pursuing a career in something she was so passionate about.

Initially, Amal who is of Lebanese descent and a native of Barinas in Venezuela began her career in the artistic medium by modeling on the catwalk, appearing in various advertising campaigns in her native country, and achieving important successes in beauty pageants both nationally and internationally.

Sometime later she moved to Miami, where she continued her work as a model and influencer until 2020 when Amal decided to embark on a new path in the music industry, initially as a DJ and later as a music producer.

Amal has shared dozens of music tracks such as A Weird Love, Mindset, and Feelings. These are distributed in the main platforms dedicated to the music industry such as Spotify, Apple Music, Traxsource and Soundcloud.

In addition, Amal has also managed to sign with major labels such as Nervous Records, Habitat Label, Happy Techno Music, Pulse Wave, After Room Records, Ole Rec, Ride Music, and others.

I am aware that I have my style where someone who listens knows it’s my music that and my being I feel that characterizes my good humor and way of seeing life.” Amal shares.

Indeed, Amal is different from the rest not only for her personal qualities such as her kindness to other people but also for her ability to learn new things, because of being a resilient woman, and because of the ease with which she connects with other people.

When it comes to business Amal considers that some of the most important challenges starting include being sure of the idea, being able to devote the time and investment needed to carry out the business, and having a good mindset.

For any business to be successful the mentality and way of thinking is everything.” Says Amal. This has helped her overcome obstacles, as she explains, 

Definitely my battle and truce have always been with myself–to believe in myself, to keep going even if I don’t feel like it, and to transform my habits into pure discipline have been my obstacles.”

In fact, for Amal, being successful is about being grateful for what she has and for her process, and while some may think fear of failure could stand in the way–fear is not something that necessarily keeps her from achieving her goals. 

“For me, fear is the impulse to do the opposite of what you fear will happen, it is like that motivation that makes you go in the opposite direction of what you fear. If you take fear as a friend it can be a very good ally.” Amal advises.

In the near future Amal has several deals with record labels in mind as well as people she would like to work with to release some songs. She is also thinking about a variety of places where she would like to play, while growing her own brand.

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