Akevia Kicks Knew What It Was Like To Struggle With Bad Credit, So She Made It A Point To Ensure That Others Did Not Have To Go Through The Same Thing And Began Her Credit Repair Business

Akevia Hicks knows what it is like to have bad credit. Her credit was down in the four hundreds and she had very few options. She turned to two businesses to help her with her credit and not much changed. That is when she decided that to truly help others with their credit, she had to do it herself.

“What makes me unique is that I am 25 years old and started this credit business in 2017. My score went from a 775 to low 400’s and I also had to file bankruptcy. I paid 2 companies, who I don’t want to mention, repair my credit. Upon, doing this I didn’t see any results and decided I would repair my own credit. I worked on my mother, father, brother and sister’s credit. I learned so much and decided to step out on faith and start taking clients. Other credit repair experts inspired me, but to be specific, Alex Miller. I heard his story and I was like, you know I am gonna be in his shoes one day. I am gonna get on that level,” Akevia recounts.

Akevia was able to find her first client on instagram. Unlike many of us, Akevia’s degree came in handy to help make her business a reality. Thanks to her degree in economics, she was able to help people who were in a difficult financial situation like herself.

“I got my first client on Instagram from North Carolina and business went up from there. I am a Howard Alumni student who majored in Economics. Majoring in Economics led me to my passion, why? I am able to help many consumers repair their credit using the law. This is big because Economics is mostly about supply and demand. People always apply for things and as long as you need credit, a credit repair business will always be lucrative. I am very passionate about helping others and educating them.  Because of all these moves, I own credit repair businesses known as the Kees to Success & JKee Approves with Husband, Jaron Hicks,” Akevia comments.

Despite her success, there were still many struggles to get over as Akevia began her business. Akevia wanted everything to be perfect as many businesses do, but not everything always went according to plan, so she had to often adjust.

“The biggest challenges are not having a solid plan, wanting everything to be perfect which only prevents you from getting started. When you have the content, the personality behind the content and customer service it’s easy to get things running. However, there are times when you have all three but business just slows down. Starting a business takes dedication and consistency. You can not succeed if you are always willing to give up. When being an entrepreneur you have to go off of your why to constantly remind you why you pursued the entrepreneurship life in the first place. You gotta keep the faith,” Akevia states.

Akevia has taken these lessons and offers them as a piece of advice for people beginning their own business and to continue on with your dreams with the right mindset, and anything is possible with those two things.

“My advice is to set goals, have a concrete plan, even if the plan doesn’t workout how you thought, at least you know you tried. Always keep your faith in God during hard times. He will reveal what you need to know to get where you are going. Mindset is also everything. It is where your thoughts linger. It’s a silent voice in your head. You have to be very careful what you think, or else you can block your own blessings. Manifestation is so real. The more you focus on positive things, the more positive the outcome in life,” Akevia advises.

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