A Humanitarian and Barber, Dr. Rob is Going Above and Beyond Just Hair Cutting.

For many people, community spaces are found in places we wouldn’t normally think of. Robert Fletcher, better known as Dr. Rob or RazorFocus, found his community at the barber shop. It was never just about cutting hair for him, but rather it was a place to talk to others, learn about the community, and get the opportunity to be with his dad in particular as the only son in the family.

“As a boy, I remember going to the barber shop with my dad. The barber shop was not just a place we got our hair cut; it was where friendships were made. From a young age I knew I was interested in being a barber. I would think about what my shop would look like and how I could make the experiences for my customers better than the ones I had.  I just knew I could bring something more to the table. Fast forward to my life in the military.  While deployed in Afghanistan, I found myself helping my fellow soldiers out cutting their hair. I guess you could say I knew I wanted to go to school to be a barber,” Dr. Rob explains.

Even though Dr. Rob grew up with all of this influence and positive experience at the barber shop, it was not the easiest road to success for him. He began his career full of self doubt and not knowing whether or not he had made the right career choice. Additionally, the pressure he put on himself to make sure that he succeeded was almost insurmountable.

“I doubted myself, not because I didn’t think I could do it, but because I knew the pressure I would put on myself and I wasn’t sure I was ready. In 2018, I went through a hard time, like most do, and I found myself wondering what I was going to do with my life?  The answer was to stop doubting myself and believe that I could be great!” Dr. Rob explains.

However, calling Dr. Rob just a barber would be an understatement. He is also a humanitarian who strives to put people above all else and create the same safe space that he experienced when he grew up. This makes him different from all other barbers out there. He works hard to cut hair well but also knows that at the end of the day, his business is really about people.

“I am a barber by day but humanitarian by night. What makes me unique is my passion for helping others, not just in my shop, but in life, and my dedication to being the best at whatever I do.  I am not afraid of long hours, and I understand the meaning of sacrifice.  I push myself each day to be better for my clients. They deserve the best atmosphere, haircut, and experience possible,” Dr. Rob says.

For all of those looking to start a business like Dr. Rob’s, he recommends not being afraid of asking for help or looking for a mentor. For him, this is a way you can invest in yourself and achieve your goals.

“My advice to those trying to start their own business is to not be afraid to ask for help or direction.  When we think we know everything and are not willing to take someone else’s advice or help then we are only setting ourselves back a few steps.  Set a goal but never be satisfied once you reach that goal. Know that you are investing in yourself, so do just that,” Dr. Rob remarks.

Not slowing down in the new year, Dr. Rob has big goals for 2022. His dream for the year is to open an accredited barber college in his area. To keep up with all that he is doing, follow him on instagram here.