Trusted Partners Inc, Created By The Entrepreneur & Philanthropist Sonia Medrano, Is a National Leader Firm in Real Estate Investing in the US. Learn More Here!

Trusted Partners Inc is a real estate investment firm that focuses on buying residential and commercial properties. This successful business was founded by Sonia Medrano, a passionate real estate investor, a philanthropist and a successful entrepreneur.

Through Trusted Partners Inc, Sonia buys properties in cash, whether commercial or residential, remodels them, and then rents or sells them. They specialize in properties in bad condition, properties facing mortgage or tax foreclosure and properties that are in bankruptcy or probate court.

At Trusted Partners, they have a team with a lot of experience in the industry which allows them to offer their clients reliable offers. Thanks to her expertise Sonia is an investor who can be trusted, with extensive professionalism and knowledge of the market.

The company manages to stand out from the crowd because the quality of their work is exceptional and they love to support others. “We are genuine, congruent, we have integrity and we always give our clients and partners great attention.”

Currently, Trusted Partners Inc is a national leader in real estate investing.

“My life purpose is to serve others. I created this company due to my passion to contribute to improving my community. I wanted to be able to spend quality time with my loved ones and to add value to people’s lives through my knowledge and experience”, Sonia shares.

Trusted Partners Inc focuses on creating value for sellers across the real estate market. With extensive experience in investments across the risk spectrum and all property types, they are one of the most respected real estate firms in Texas and in the United States in general.

“What makes us unique is our ability to provide quick and accurate solutions for clients who wish to sell their home for cash with a fair offer, whether they are single family homes or commercial. Also, that we teach people how to be financially independent by learning real estate investing”, Sonia adds.

What’s more, Sonia is a philanthropist who loves to support her community. She is based in Houston, Texas, where she has a non-profit organization. Her selflessness has improved the quality of life for so many people.

Sonia Medrano has contributed greatly to many worthwhile causes, championed for change and continues to be a pillar of the community.  As a founder of Houston Entrepreneur Society has utilized her staunch advocacy and selflessness to support the development of her community.

In fact, the Mayor of Houston proclaimed July 13rd as Sonia Medrano Day, thanks to her tireless contributions and dedication to her community.  Sonia also received the Yellow Rose of Texas, which is given only through the Office of the Governor to recognize women for their significant contributions to their communities and to Texas.

Sonia gives free webinars and mentoring for everyone interested in learning how to invest in the real estate market. Sonia started this initiative with the purpose of continuing to help others and to establish connections with potential partners and investors.

Trusted Partners Inc has big plans for 2023 such as expanding their portfolio of commercial properties and buying more properties throughout the US. They also plan to offer asset and property management soon.

“We want to buy diverse businesses as well as real estate, I also want to create a non-profit that works in all US and that contributes to improving the lives of many talented young people through mentoring and personal development”, Sonia details.

To find out more about Trusted Partners Inc, click here. You can also follow Sonia Medrano on Instagram here.