Tragedy Turned Into A Non For Profit: Anthony Gomez Took The Loss Of His Son As A Way To Help Others

Anthony Gomez suffered a terrible loss in 2020. His son, Brandon Alexander Gomez, passed away in June 2020 after being in a motorized vehicle crash. To memorialize his son, Anthony took this tragedy and made the Brandon Alexander Foundation to cherish his son’s memory and spirit.

“I decided to create The Brandon Alexander Foundation in honor of my son, Brandon Alexander Gomez, who tragically passed away in June of 2020 in a motorized vehicle accident at his young age of 9.  Brandon was known for his charisma, gratitude, generosity, and love towards others and I wanted to establish a legacy in his name. Similar to Brandon and our family, many other families have experienced similar events at some point in their lives. Our aim is to engage, interact, and provide mentorship to parentless children and parents who lost their offspring. As of March 13, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. we will celebrate an incredibly special birthday inauguration party in honor of Brandon Alexander’s life, who was known for his kind heart and loving personality.  It will be hosted at our main offices located at 1017 University Blvd E, Suite 202a Silver Springs, MD 20903. We will showcase our work among a selected group of local nonprofits, local community leaders, religious leaders, local business owners, and more. If interested in joining us, RSVP to or 1-844-877-1707.

Attendees of this birthday party will enjoy free music, free food, free games, fun gifts, and more. We also hope we can spark their interest in participating in our future events and initiatives, but also start building the community of like-minded key players that will support us in helping children and families in need.  We aim to motivate people to get involved for a long-term commitment with us by joining our different opportunities to help us engage, interact, and provide mentorship to parentless children and parents who lost their offspring,” Anthony explains.

Unfortunately, Anthony found out that he and his family were not unique in their loss. In fact, there are currently 153 million children worldwide without parents with 500,000 children currently in the U.S. who are a part of the foster care systems. On the other side, many parents have lost their children. Anthony found an amazing way to support both groups in honor of the loving spirit of his son.

We are unique because of our reason to exist. Founded on the basis of an unfortunate tragedy of losing a son, we have decided to inspire people to love and live like Brandon, who was known for his kind heart and loving personality. Also, we are unique in our approach of giving something to those who get involved with the foundation. Whether you are a volunteer, a donor, a business owner who will sponsor us or a nonprofit organization, you will receive fun gifts and surprises. The Brandon Alexander Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation focused on having a positive impact on disadvantaged children and families to improve their lives and well-being,” Anthony states.

Mindset has been crucial for Anthony’s ability to help people. He was able to establish a way of thinking that allowed him to dedicate himself to the non for profit while not forgetting about his own life.

“Mindset is probably the most important aspect when starting a new business whether for profit or for nonprofit. Whatever you tell yourself will influence your actions and the path you take. You need to have a balanced mindset, one that allows you to see and envision large goals, but also keeps your feet on the ground by staying focused on the little details that need to happen for the bigger ones to be possible. Mindset is also important because it gives you the right direction. In my case, my positive mindset meant everything after facing the loss of my child. It kept me on the right path and pushed me towards the foundation’s goals,” Anthony remarks.

Anthony hopes that he and other non for profit organizations can work together to help support each other and lift each other up. This is how they will all be able to help the maximum amount of people.

“We are all doing a part in helping others and creating a better future for everyone.  Our reason to exist is unique in what happened for us to exist (the loss of a child) and how we turned tragedy and sorrow into hope and giving through love. Also, The Brandon Alexander Foundation is on a mission to help children and adults under very difficult circumstances through a unique focus on sharing, mentoring, bonding, and care,” Anthony details.

“In addition, We have a busy schedule this year to pursue our mission. We have four major initiatives running during the year:

  1. Play, Laugh & Live like Brandon weekend gatherings
  2.  Sports & Activities Mentorship 
  3. Community Enrichment 
  4. Spread the Love Initiative, which includes donation centers with clothing for kids 

By the end of the year, The Brandon Alexander Foundation is sponsoring its first fundraising event called “ FRESH LIKE BRANDON KIDS CLOTHING DRIVE AUTO & BIKE SHOW” where we will raffle a Custom Yamaha YZ450 Dirt Bike plus the prizes listed below:

– Official Brandon Alexander Merchandise

– His & Hers INVICTA Watch

– Motocross Suit

– Mystery Gift

– Many other Gifts from our Sponsors!!!” Anthony continues.

To find out more about Anthony, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.