Tera Carissa Teaches People How To Choose Faith and Happiness Despite Any Of Life’s Obstacles

Tera Carissa Hodges is an internationally known faith empowerment speaker who has empowered over 100,000 people in person on over 100 platforms. Tera graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism from Florida A&M University. She always had a passion for media, and she has continued to follow her passion. Media is who she is and what she does. Today, Tera is known for the faith principles she teaches. She helps empower others through both conference events, as well as one-on-one coaching. 

Seeing so many faith based professionals “stuck,” not where they want to be, not having a vision for how to get there, and not knowing how to evolve and reinvent themselves to get them where they want to be motivated Tera to create her faith based media company. As a degreed, licensed, and certified professional, Tera also recognizes the need for professional coaching and development. Hence, through her company, LR Global Media, which was launched in 2016, Tera also aids her clients in learning how to improve their jobs, brands, and businesses. 

“Everyone has dreams. However, dreams have to become ideas, then actionable steps you take in order for them to become a reality,” shares Tera. 

While the media industry is highly saturated, Tera does not see others as competition. Her unique set of gifts, talents, and experience makes her stand out from the crowd and impact people on a deeper level than others. 

“I help people heal from their past by embracing their past and pain and seeing it as purposeful. Everyone has made mistakes, been lied to, endured unfair treatment, etc. But, when you own your story, your story can never own you,” states Tera. 

This year, Tera has a new book coming out, designed to help people use faith-based principles to shift their life. Furthermore, she will continue leading speaking engagements and live group coaching events in order to impact more people every day. 

Learn more about Tera by following her on Instagram here and text LIVE to 833-677-0216 to receive alerts when she is going live!