Sameday Insurance Has 21 Years of Experience Helping People Across the U.S. Get the Insurance They Deserve: Learn More

Nowadays, it is very important to have insurance since people and their belongings are always exposed to any kind of mishap. For example, driving accidents or natural phenomena like tornados.

But the most important thing when it comes to having insurance is to look for a serious and responsible insurance company that provides personal property and accident insurance. It is always better to have insurance and not have to use it than to need it and not have it.

Among the various insurance companies that exist in the market, Sameday Insurance Services Inc stands out. They are a property and casualty insurance agency that was established in Downey, California in 2006.

With a vast experience of more than 21 years in the insurance industry, Sameday Insurance has been growing steadily based on the principles of ethics and customer service, which are considered the lifeblood of the business. 

The company’s growth over the past 15 years has been from 100,000 premiums to over 20,000,000 premiums, due in part to the fundamental practices of quality control and customer service.

It is important for Sameday Insurance to provide exceptional customer service to our existing clients as well as potentially new clientele.” Charles Jimenez, the President of Sameday Insurance says.

At Sameday Insurance Services Inc, they cater to all types of drivers and property owners who are mostly young people also including those who for some circumstances have had a run-in with the law such as moving violations or accidents. Additionally, Sameday Insurance has access to multiple insurance companies and programs specifically suited for one’s particular situation.  Effectively, Sameday Insurance does all the shopping for their customers to ensure they are paying the lowest prices.  So sit back while Sameday works to save you money 

It is difficult for this group of individuals to find low-cost insurance because of their situation.” Jimenez adds.

Sameday Insurance also specializes in providing insurance to those known as “preferred drivers” who are more mature, experienced drivers who require higher policy limits. 

Because we can offer this service, many people can take advantage of hundreds of dollars in savings.” 

While there are companies that treat their customers as just another number in their statistics and treat their employees as workers, Sameday Insurance has a very different assessment and perception. They see their customers as a family that provides support, tools, resources, and a positive work environment. 

Every company overcomes obstacles as they scale up and expand, and Sameday Insurance is no exception to this. Jimenez says this was the biggest obstacle for the company:

Creating a plan for the success of our employees that reduces turnover and helps maintain the fundamental foundation of fluidity in the workplace.”

As previously stated, customers are the lifeblood of Sameday Insurance. The company’s goal is to continue to move forward, thrive, grow and expand their geographical footprint in order to reach a greater amount of people across the United States and thus have the ability to help and service more people.

Service is our number one priority, making sure our customers are satisfied means we take a step closer to our goal every day.” Jimenez states.

One of the next projects they have been focused on pursuing has been to be able to develop a call center, as they not only service California but many other states nationwide.

A successful call center for us would represent 25-35% additional revenue.

Last but not least, it is important to note that in 2019 Sameday Insurance was named by INC 5000 magazine as one of the fastest-growing insurance agencies in the entire United States.

This honor was a reflection of the thousands of people we were able to help save money on insurance. We anticipate that we will be back in the INC 5000 ranking of growing companies this year.” Jimenez adds.

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