Riz Ahmed, Better Known As The Watch Meister, Dedicated Himself 110% To His Watch Business. This Has Helped Him Create A Business With No Other Competition

Luxury is something many of us desire. We are looking for something that will distinguish us from the crowd and standout from other people. Riz Ahmed, better known as the Watch Meister loves all things having to do with luxury watches. From his earliest years, he always had a desire to own his very own luxury collection and brand.

“I have always had a passion for watches from a very young age. It was once a dream for me to have my own luxury watch collection. As I started to make money, I started to purchase and build up my collection. I was always asked by friends, family and other people where I bought from and how much I paid etc. I was always referring potential clients to dealers. During covid, I lost my businesses and had a break from work. I had to sell a couple of my watches for cash and realized the prices of the watches and profit margins that were to be made on the watches. This is where I began and within the couple of months of trading, I have become very successful from my trades,” Watchmeister explains.

What pushed Watch Meister to begin his business was a combination of his passion for watches, knowledge of a specific watch brand, and the math behind how lucrative it could be to start selling these watches. As he puts it, the business idea was a no brainer for the watch meister.

“I was inspired by the brand Richard Mille. The profit margins are immense. And when I did the feasibility of the business, it was just a no brainer. I’m not tied down to one location, I am connecting with people around the world. I am meeting celebrities and high level status people. For me, it’s an easy business. I am a specialist in Richard Mille watches. I can source any watch on the planet with the contacts I have,” Watch Meister comments.

Despite knowing the odds and having a desire to get into the watch world, Watch Meister still struggled with numerous obstacles on his way to success in the luxury watch game. However, through a combination of skills and dedication, he was able to master these challenges.

“Covid was the biggest obstacle for me. It brought the whole world down on its knees. But always believe if a door closes, another will open. Business is about selling. If you know what you are selling and have a passion for it, it makes life easier by 80%. The rest of it is 100% dedication and time given to the business. If you can give the time and believe in what you are doing, you will always become successful in your business. This is the main challenge,” Watch Meister comments.

Watch Meister has created a world where he has no competition, but rather he is his competition. This is because he is so dedicated to the world of luxury watches. Instead of focusing on other projects and getting himself distracted, Watch Meister focuses on his business at all times.

“I believe I have no competition. I am my own competition. I seriously don’t have any other projects. Stick to ⅔ sources of income. My main focus is currently the watch business,” Watch Meister details.

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