Nina Accidentes: Pioneering a New Era of Support for the Hispanic Community in the United States

Miami, Florida | December 4, 2023 | With an innovative and humanitarian approach, Nina Guimerá, a renowned legal assistant and social media comedy content creator, has opened her new office, “Nina Accidentes”. This initiative is committed to providing support to accident victims across the United States, focusing particularly on the Hispanic community.

Located in Duluth, GA, the office is a collaborative venture between Nina Guimerá and her partner Rolando Lacayo. With over five years of experience, Guimerá has assisted hundreds of families, offering not just legal advice but comprehensive support during times of crisis.

“Nina Accidentes” is noted for its bilingual services, catering to clients in both English and Spanish. This is especially significant for the Hispanic community, which often faces linguistic and cultural barriers in legal matters. The office aims to break down these barriers, fostering a trustworthy and understanding environment.

The grand opening of “Nina Accidentes” was a highlight event, featuring coverage by media outlets such as Univisión and Telemundo Atlanta. Attendees enjoyed an emotional and fun-filled evening, complete with a diverse culinary spread that included Japanese and Venezuelan dishes, a coffee station with various options, and a photo booth for keepsakes. The musical ambiance was set by saxophonist Francisco Quintero from Miami, while Yannet Blanco provided heartfelt speeches that set the night’s essential tone.

“Our mission at ‘Nina Accidentes’ extends beyond offering advice; we aim to be a beacon of hope and support in the most challenging times for our Hispanic community. We understand the complexities and challenges that immigrants face in this country, and our goal is to ensure that no one feels alone or defenseless in legal matters. We’re here to be their voice and strength, every step of the way,” says Nina Guimerá.

Guimerá is also recognized for her commitment to social causes. She recently collaborated with the NVEEE organization in a campaign against bullying and harassment, showcasing her dedication not just to legal issues but also to the emotional and mental well-being of the community.

The launch of “Nina Accidentes” marks not only a milestone in Nina Guimerá’s career but also a significant step forward in providing accessible and empathetic services to the Hispanic community in the United States.

For more information about Nina Accidentes and its services, visit the company’s official Instagram page @ninaaccidentes or call the hotline at +1-786-609-6092.