Most pets and owners don’t enjoy bath time-except Chestnut, thanks to HICC GROOM!

67% of U.S. households own at least one pet. And pet owners will all agree that one of the tasks that pets and owners dread the most is bath time.  No bath time goes by without all the chasing, yelping, screaming, and mess; this causes stress not only to pets, but the owners as well, not to mention it reduces the time to bond and play with our precious pets as well as make time for ourselves.

But what if we can make bath time easy and less stressful, and something that both pets and owners can look forward to because it combines hygiene, bonding, and fun? This is what the pet- loving and pet- owner founders of HICC Groom! have dreamed of having too, thus they have set out to create products that are meant to provide innovative, convenient, and affordable pet care solutions for busy pet owners.

Groom! is the pet care subsidiary of HICC LIFE, a lifestyle hygiene company with branches all across Asia and the United States. HICC stands for Health Innovation for a Clean and Comfortable Life.

Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, Groom! is a new pet care solutions brand that is envisioned to become one of the leading brands for pet care and hygiene convenience through products that are inspired by real life pet issues and concerns, backed by industry- tested, cutting- edge technology and the latest trends in the pet care industry.

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