Manuel Marcano “Manny” is a Forex Trading Expert: Connect With Him To Learn More About How To Grow Your Wealth

Manuel Marcano, also known as Manny, is a young Venezuelan who emigrated to the United States in 2017 in search of a better quality of life. In 2020 he moved to Miami where he got into the world of foreign exchange market trading.

In Miami, Manuel met Emile Trader, who became his first mentor. With him, Manuel took a course on Advanced Forex. At that moment, his life began to change and new opportunities came about.

Like with any beginning, it was not easy for Manuel to grow in the forex market. After receiving some hits and learning more about the industry, he eventually began to see the results. That is when he met a funding company called FTMO, which offers services that help people to operate the markets with their capital.

With them the first account I got was 10k and from there on it was adding up. This whole process started while I was working in construction and in a shipping warehouse. Thanks to that I was motivated to get ahead and get out of that comfort zone.” Manuel shares.

Today, Manuel trades in the Forex market as a scalper, that is, a trader of short and fast operations that he makes on a regular basis from 6:30am EST. Part of his dedication to his work is inspired by his family.

Manuel was also motivated by his desire to see results and also to observe that people close to him could also obtain positive results due to the strategies that he explained to them. This led him to dictate personalized mentoring 1 to .

“In July 2020, I decided because I wanted a change for my life, in addition to what I saw that I can achieve in the medium and long term. I also have as a goal helping my parents retire.” Manuel says.

One of the biggest challenges Manuel had to deal with was ignoring what other people would think or say about him. It was also hard to be patient given that at first people want results right away, but it is not that easy.

“Mindset is very important, I think, given that the mind cannot control us. If our mind controlled us, our emotions and feelings would start playing with us. In the case of Forex, the wrong mindset may affect our patience, security and trust, and you can lose money for that.” Manuel explains.

Unlike other expert forex traders, Manuel is transparent, sincere and straight to the point. This makes him reliable and accessible for his clients and other people who wish to learn from him.

“My advice to others trying to start their own business is: go for it, without risk there are no benefits. Be patient and be constant. Know that the results come about not in month one, but perhaps month five or even in the one year mark, but the results do come.” Manuel says.

In the near future, Manuel wants to design a complete course from 0 to 100, develop a website and have a live trading community. He also wants to dictate group courses in Miami and other states.

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