Learn How Betsabe Maria Vidal, a Venezuelan Businesswoman, Launched B&R Supply, a Medical Supplies Distributor in the U.S.

Betsabe Maria Vidal is a Venezuelan businesswoman who together with her husband, building on his knowledge from the pharmaceutical industry, manages a company called B&R Supply LLC.

B&R Supply LLC is a company dedicated to the sale and distribution of disposable medical supplies and personal care and protection products at wholesale and retail offering quality products to the healthcare community to improve patient care and improve efficiency.

Betsabe started in the business world in 2004, after having worked in the banking and oil industry in Venezuela. She and her husband created a training center in which they educated people between 14 and 17 years old in a vocation or trade for their insertion into the labor market.

Betsabe and her husband have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. After many years of working in different industries, they have obtained the necessary knowledge to carry out a business.

After migrating to the United States, they found the need to create a business where they could put their knowledge into practice and at the same time provide them with financial security and that is how B&R Supply LLC was born.

B&R Supply LLC was created in 2017 in Central Florida with the initial objective of being able to participate and win service contracts and supplies of medical and miscellaneous supplies in public bidding processes. 

We set this objective because we considered that this business modality offered an opportunity for a small business such as cash flow with stability and security that helped the growth of the company in an environment protected from competition, where we could deepen and diversify our supplier-customer relationships and obtain technical and financial support as a small business.” Betsabe comments.

They are backed by recognized companies such as Dukal Corporation, a company focused on research, development, and manufacturing of affordable healthcare products, and Medline Industries, the largest privately-held manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies offering over 550,000 medical products and clinical solutions to hospitals, extended care centers, surgery centers, physician offices, home care agencies and providers, and retailers.

B&R Supply LLC’s diverse product offerings include: exam and industrial gloves, wound care items and dressings, disposable blankets, surgical dressings, burn care, disposable personal protective equipment, patient care, antiseptics, cleaning products, skin care and wound care, incontinence, bathing, personal care, dental care, rehabilitation, exercise therapy, and beauty, among others.

We also participate in public bidding processes and have been successful in obtaining supply contracts with the Florida Department of Corrections, St. Johns, Polk, and Osceola counties in Florida and the city of Norfolk, Virginia.” Betsabe says.

Betsabe and her husband have been able to differentiate themselves from their competition because they are aware that they are a small business and have adopted the dropshipping model, which allows them to be competitive with minimal investment to operate.

We have no inventory therefore we have no storage costs and minimal logistics costs for distribution and delivery to customers because we use the storage centers and distribution networks of our suppliers. This allows us to keep sales prices low. Customer service, speed of response, brands, and the backing of our suppliers are an endorsement of our management.” Betsabe explains.

One of the biggest obstacles that Betsabe has overcome has been migrating to a country where there are many things that are unfamiliar and the fact that all migration implies starting from scratch.

Migrating in our case meant learning a new language, adapting to new ways and customs of doing things, losing financial stability at times, adapting to a different society where our academic degrees, professional achievements and past experiences did not mean much. However, that knowledge and experience along with perseverance have helped us to reinvent ourselves and adapt to create and produce.” Betsabe states.

Looking to the future, Betsabe has two objectives in mind, one—to continue in the educational area studying to obtain certifications, and two—increase sales to establish B&R Supply as a solid supplier across the country.

To do this, they are focusing on the dropshipping model through the Amazon and Shopify platforms, and taking advantage of the relationship with their suppliers, their logistical capabilities and distribution networks nationwide.

The ultimate goal is to create our own brand, and grow and evolve as a manufacturer and distributor.” Betsabe adds.

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