Jen Kem Is The Brand Futurist Behind The Master Brand Institute, An Education And Training Company That Helps People Turn Their Knowledge Into A Profitable Online Business

Exceeding all odds, Brand Futurist Jennifer “Jen” Kem is the CEO of an 8-figure business that helps service-based entrepreneurs get seen, heard, and paid more online. She also founded and runs the Master Brand Institute (MBI), an education and training company that helps educators and experts turn their knowledge into a profitable online business.

Originally from Hawaii and a descendant of Filipino immigrants, Jen spent the first decade of her career in the corporate world, leaving her job as a marketing and strategy executive to pursue a life on her own terms. 

“I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area and absolutely love geeking out on building brands, the hero(ine)’s journey, eating all the foods and reading. I believe with my whole heart that entrepreneurs are changing the world and we get to create our own economies that help the people we care about – at home and in the greater collective.” Jen shares.

Today, Jen is one of the top brand strategists online and has worked with household brands like Steve Harvey and the Oprah Winfrey Network, as well as with some of the biggest impact-makers in the online personal and professional development space.

“When I realized that my experience in developing and launching corporate product lines and brand initiatives could genuinely help entrepreneurs, I was motivated to start my business. Once that idea got into my brain, I knew this business is where I had to focus my time and energy. During the start-up phase, entrepreneurs don’t know where to put their own time, energy and money, and we demystify all of the things that don’t work and point them to the strategies and structures that do.” Jen explains.

At first, Jen was content running a brand consulting business that worked with Fortune 500 companies with stable and predictable contracts. But eventually, her mentor led her to create the Master Brand Institute (MBI).

My mentor told me, ‘if entrepreneurs learned what you know about branding, you would change thousands of lives.’” Jen adds. “So I decided to start the Master Brand Institute so that everyday entrepreneurs could learn how building a brand was the secret to getting the biggest companies from startup to today. The truth is that all entrepreneurs shared that idea in a garage, at the kitchen table, or over drinks after work, dreaming of building the next big thing, so basically, we’ve all started from scratch. That truth and the real possibility of helping others achieve it is what keeps me inspired and motivated every day in my business.

Now, MBI is helping entrepreneurs not just build businesses, but also build experiences that make them a brand that attracts their ideal customers whenever they want.

After succeeding as a brand consultant and founder of MBI, Jen is able to identify things that are crucial for every entrepreneur to have in order to start their own businesses. For starters, a good mindset is crucial.

You will fail a lot in the beginning, but every one of those ‘failures’ is necessary to succeed. If your mind is not prepared for the disappointments that will occur, you will never succeed in business. At the Master Brand Institute, we also believe that building a brand is an act of leadership of yourself and others. That’s why we have a philosophy called Values-Driven, where the entrepreneur doesn’t set their goals based solely on financial results, but on the impact they want to create based on what really matters to them. Success is an inside job – and everyone has a different metric to measure it by.” Jen explains.

Jen stands out from her competition because of her varied experience in the field. She is a brand futurist because she is able to efficiently predict trends and provide more in-depth consulting to clients. 

There are very few people in my industry who have my level of experience in business, prior to operating three small businesses. Before I became an entrepreneur, I was Director of Business Markets at one of Verizon’s divisional HQs, so I have a lot of experience managing billion-dollar projects with cross-functional teams and getting them to market. This experience allows me to see the gaps in a business and the best opportunities based on those gaps and where the market is going.” Jen says.

This year, Jen has four big projects coming up. First, she will be bringing more high-value education through YouTube and LinkedIn. In addition, she will help at least 1,000 entrepreneurs become confident in marketing through an online program. She will also work on The Master Brand Method book, the culmination of her 20 years in brand building, which will provide a real framework for professional success. Lastly, Jen will bring together leading women entrepreneurs for her virtual meetings, called Femmefluence Table, where they help them connect in a deeper way and provide tools to build their influence.

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