How To Distinguish Yourself As A Leader, As Laid Out By Swiss Top Executive Mentor Heinz Kaegi

Heinz Kaegi, Executive Mentor, Speaker, and Best Selling Author, led a career in management and worked for different companies throughout the years. However, he always had a voice in the back of his head telling him that he wanted more. For a long time, he had wanted to be an entrepreneur, but was held back. It wasn’t until later on in his life, that he decided to take a leap of faith and become the entrepreneur he always wanted to be. With over a decade of C-level experience, Heinz set out to change the way managers lead themselves and their teams. From starting his business in his home country, Heinz has now expanded internationally and does business on both the American and European continents. He is the founder of , Kaegi-Leadershift Ltd. which has also developed different compelling development programs for executives and for corporations, such as the LEX Leadershift Excellence™for Life program. Heinz has an international team of mentors and coaches that inspire and challenge leaders to become who they are, to develop and shape the future. 

Heinz teaches committed leaders to move from hard work to heart work, so that they can leave a legacy for generations to come. He not only delivers speeches all around the world that have a way of inspiring the audience, he also enjoys working in smaller group settings. These different environments allow Heinz to interact with individuals who are committed to leading from their heart and move them to achieve a sense of fulfillment that not only adds life value – one that   also provides sustainable success. 

For a long time, Heinz researched the laws of leadership as he looked at what differentiated a manager from a leader. He has laid out his findings in his LEX Leadershift Excellence™ for Life, which encompasses the seven laws of leadership that differentiate true leaders from the rest. 

“When you have answered the why and the what, the how will unfold right before you,” states Heinz. 

This is why Heinz’ advice to anyone looking to become a leader or start a business is to gain clarity of the essential seven LEX laws of leadership: 

  1. No Purpose – No Power.
  2. No Vision – No Passion.
  3. No Focus – No Freedom.
  4. No Commitment – No Achievement.
  5. No Team – No Success.
  6. No Mentorship – No Leadership.
  7. No Heart Work – No Excellence.

In addition to his seven laws, mindset is incredibly important in exceptional leadership. Early on, Heinz learned from his personal coaches and mentors that everything is possible, and that mindset makes at least 80% of the result. Looking back on his life, Heinz has realized that all his tops and flops were the result of his personal mindset.

As Heinz says, “What you can conceive and truly believe, you can achieve.”

At the same time, it is important to face the tough things in life in order to grow into the best version of yourself. In fact, Heinz tried to go around the topic of fear for a long time in his career and life, however, the time came when he had to face the truth and do the inner work. It is through facing certain challenges and negative emotions that you will be able to learn and grow in awareness and capacity. 

“Fear is the expression of Life’s positive intention to have you grow in awareness and capability,” states Heinz. Hence, true leaders face their fears, as they know that despite how difficult it may be, it is an insightful  way to keep growing, as growth takes place when we leave our comfort zone. 

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