How Beatriz Elena Patiño Echeverry and Dime Que Sí Eventos Redefine Destination Weddings

When it comes to love of details and good taste, Beatriz Elena Patiño Echeverry is the right person. With a successful career and 26 years of experience, her name remains high in event design, planning, and execution as the director and founder of her company, Dime Que Sí Eventos.

Beatriz was raised in a family that cherished traditions and social gatherings. Festivities surrounded her from an early age, and this early exposure to event planning helped her develop a natural flair for hospitality.

“I was the mini hostess of my house; I organized, attended, and collaborated in family celebrations, which made me stand out even when I was very little.” Beatriz mentions.

As she grew up, Beatriz developed a deep love for design and the arts, which inspired her to pursue studies in fashion design and textile engineering. However, during her job at a renowned hotel in Cali, Colombia, she discovered her true vocation—planning and executing events.

After showcasing her talent, clients began specifically requesting her services, praising her ability to bring their visions to life with precision and elegance. Later, in 2000, Beatriz relocated to Bogotá and launched Dime Que Sí Eventos, her event-planning business.

Today, Dime Que Sí Eventos is a leading Colombian company that designs, plans, coordinates, and executes high-impact, luxurious events. Although mainly focused on weddings, the company also organizes important corporate events, birthdays, and anniversaries, making every celebration unique and unforgettable.

“Making magic is how my clients describe my work.” Beatriz shares.

Dime Que Sí Eventos also offers complete support for honeymoon organizations, helping couples create unforgettable journeys and differentiating the company with this service.

“This led us to also create wonderful experiences on their trips, and now our company also has a travel and experiences division,” explains Beatriz.

Beatriz is aware of each couple’s unique style and taste and works closely with them to ensure every detail is made to their specifications. Beatriz is involved with every step to make every wedding an unforgettable experience. Dime Que Sí Eventos is also trained in weddings of all kinds, including Catholic, Christian, Jewish, Hindi, egalitarian, and even symbolic.

The way Beatriz works demonstrates her strength in planning. She mentioned, “We start planning weddings 18, 14, and 12 months before the event, although we have also broken records by organizing weddings in shorter times.” 

For future projects, Beatriz aims to have Dime Que Sí Eventos become the number one company for organizing weddings for foreigners in Colombia. Already labeled an expert in bringing international couples to celebrate their weddings in Colombia, she looks to elevate this experience to the next level.

According to Beatriz, cities such as Cartagena, Bogotá, Cali, Santa Marta, and Medellín provide ideal locations for successful weddings, thanks to the beautiful landscapes, including beaches, mountains, and valleys.

Also, due to the favorable exchange rates for the dollar and euro, international couples can enjoy superior quality products and services, making Colombia an even more attractive destination. 

With Dime Que Sí Eventos, couples can experience a seamless, luxurious wedding experience in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

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