From Making Music in the Basement to Creating a New Label, Norillos Left the Traditional Path of Success to Pursue His Career in Music. Find Out His Story Below.

Having someone believe in you can make all the difference when beginning your career. In particular, if you don’t believe in yourself, it is incredibly impactful and important to have others believe in you to prove to yourself that others see your potential. For Norillos, this was his best friend from day one who always believed in him and saw his potential.

Growing up I didn’t think I would ever get into this industry. I started rapping after high school. When I was starting my career, my day one friend, music artist Flo Mack, told me I had potential to be successful with music. I was trash, but his optimism inspired me to keep working and eventually led me to make the music I love listening to. Flo Mack and I would sit in my basement, just talking and recording on YouTube beats. It was just something I liked to do for fun but I realized I finally found my passion in making music,” Norillos states.

However, it was not just Norillos’ best friend that helped him excel in the music industry. At a young age, he met his mentor, Jackfrost the Boss, who would help bring him and Flo Mack to the next level because he too saw the potential in their music and in their artistry.

“I ran into Jackfrost The Boss, my music manager, when I was eighteen. I introduced him to mine, and my co-artist, Flo Mack’s music. Jackfrost saw the potential in the both of us and has been mentoring us to become the artists we are today, and the artists we are becoming in the future. We’re working alongside other artists to create our label, TRVPSAFE.ent.  I have now toured in all the Midwest. I loved meeting, hearing, and feeling the energy of all these people vibing to my music. The energy of the crowd got me 10x hyped and I was able to have a killer performance. I know I made it as an artist when I get to tour in Europe. I would love to go to England, France, Italy, Greece. I like the culture and would want to experience what it’s like out there,” Norillos explains.

What has helped Norillos stay above and beyond the crowd in the music industry is his incredible mindset. To him, music is everything and to become successful in that business means having the right mindset. This is how you get through the difficult grind that is involved in the business.

“Mindset is so important when making music. If I had listened to everything people have told me, I wouldn’t have discovered what I actually like to hear, and what I wanted to create myself. If I had taken the advice of other people too critically, my music would be a reflection of what THEY like rather than the reflection of who I am as a person and artist. I like finding my own sound in different types of music and taking outside advice to apply to my artistry. It’s all about discovering your authenticity in this industry. The progression of my music follows the progression of how I’ve developed,” Norillos says.

With so much left to do and so many more people to inspire and capture with his music, Norillos has big things planned for the new year. He details some of them below: 

“Right now we’re working on my upcoming single, Project Yola. We shot a couple scenes for the music video, which is inspired by the movie Project X, but with a little bit of spice. Right now we’re working on putting it together. I also have a song on the way featuring Don D from FGE. Finally, I have an animated music video, giving a superhero/super villain cartoon vibe, for my other single, State lines. These are just some of the projects that I could name off the top of my head but we have way more upcoming work on the way.”

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