From Financial Advisor to Entrepreneur Extraordinaire: Matt Footner’s Blueprint for Success

Matt Footner is an unconventional entrepreneur with a knack for uncovering life’s secrets. Matt stumbled upon a revelation: the ability to work just two hours a day and rake in six figures monthly. Armed with this insight, he crafted FX AI Income Solution, and, two groundbreaking products, each addressing distinct needs in today’s world.

I found the secret to my life! I found that I can work two hours per day and earn 6 figures per month.” Matt shares.

Mattew’s first creation, the FX AI Income Solution, stems from his extensive background as a financial advisor across global markets. Working in Brussels, Abu Dhabi, and Tokyo provided him with a profound understanding of what clients truly desire: transparency. 

Matt recognized a pervasive opacity in the financial services industry, where institutions thrive on mystique, charging exorbitant fees while limiting client access to their funds. Determined to challenge this status quo, he envisioned a model centered on transparency, fee accessibility, and robust returns for investors. 

Matt’s in-house AI solution revolutionized passive income generation, enabling clients to enjoy financial freedom while traveling or relaxing, even during the tumult of a pandemic.

Matt’s second brainchild,, stems from his tenure as a top-performing salesman in the financial advisor realm. Observing the mindset disparities among sales professionals, he decoded the secret sauce of the top 1%: mindset. These elite performers not only refined their sales skills but also nurtured a winning mindset through continuous learning and self-improvement. 

With, Matt distilled the wisdom of timeless self-help books into a powerful sales app, designed to elevate productivity and instill a success-oriented mindset. Featuring a curated collection of audio resources, including hypnotic sessions and motivational speeches, the app empowers ambitious individuals to ascend to the upper echelons of success.

Operating under the umbrella of a client services business, Matt prioritizes meeting client needs above all else. His journey into entrepreneurship was fueled by a desire to break free from traditional employment constraints and make a tangible impact on the world. Faced with challenges and naysayers, he remained steadfast in his belief, propelling his AI business from humble beginnings to global success, with clients spanning five continents.

For Matt, mindset reigns supreme in the entrepreneurial landscape. He champions the cultivation of a winning mindset, emphasizing positivity, resilience, and problem-solving as essential traits for success. His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs echoes his journey: take action, maintain integrity, and embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.

Matt sets himself apart from others through his dedication to innovation and problem-solving. Unlike many, he approaches challenges with a mindset focused on finding solutions rather than dwelling on obstacles. 

Matt’s ability to think outside the box and adapt to changing circumstances allows him to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving business landscape. Moreover, his commitment to transparency and integrity in all his endeavors fosters trust and loyalty among clients and partners alike. By prioritizing the needs of others and constantly striving for excellence. 

I never check the competition. The reason is, it can scare you if there’s a lot – is the market saturated? Or scare you that there’s not enough. Is there a market for your product? I developed a product that I would use and that I’m proud to put my name too,” Matt says.

Looking ahead, Matt is expanding his business ventures into the culinary world, with plans to launch four restaurants across Europe, each offering a unique dining concept inspired by his global experiences. Furthermore, he sees immense potential in the real estate market, particularly in the picturesque region of Umbria, Italy, where he aims to capitalize on the growing trend of holiday rentals and permanent relocation. 

As more Italians move from the countryside to the cities, there are huge investment opportunities in beautiful Italian villas ideal for both people looking for the dolce vita and the ever growing holiday rental market of the underdiscovered region of Umbria, which offers a far lower cost of everything than its famous neighbor Tuscany,” Matt comments.

Financial freedom, to Matt, equates to choice—the ability to live life on his terms, pursue passions, and weather any storm with ease. 

Ready to unlock your path to financial freedom and success? Join Matt Footner’s journey and discover how you can work smarter, not harder, to achieve your goals. Explore the revolutionary FX AI Income Solution and, two groundbreaking products designed to empower you with transparency, accessibility, and a winning mindset.