Fresh Dry Clean – A Dry Cleaners Focused On Quality Service and Helping The Planet

Fresh Dry Clean is a unique business, as it is one of the few eco-friendly multi-site dry cleaners within the nation. It is a black-owned family business that has organically expanded throughout the last decade. Currently, there are four locations throughout the DMV area, along with their very own production plant. While offering dry cleaning services to customers who frequent their location, Fresh Dry Clean also provides services to hotels and organizations. 

Fresh Dry Clean is unlike any other business in the industry, as it focuses on quality over quantity. While the competition focuses on volume, Fresh Dry Clean focuses on satisfying each of its customers. When one customer is satisfied, that increases the likelihood of them not only returning, but also recommending their services to others. Hence, their focus on quality customer service, coupled with expert stain removal and quality care, Fresh Dry Clean stands out within the industry. 

“We don’t want to be known as a cleaners who can simply clean your clothes.  We want to be known as a dry cleaners who cares about your experience and will do our best to make sure that every experience is one that you will want to repeat over and over again,” shares CEO Ishmael Wilson. 

When Ishmael decided to start a business, he looked for something that was just profitable, but also had longevity. When given the right tools and support, dry cleaners have the ability to be around for generations to come. Ishmael is not looking to just own a business, but leave a legacy for those that come after him. Despite coming from a disadvantaged background, Ishmael has remained determined to fight for the freedom he deserves and wants his family to have. 

This year, Ishmael is working on expanding his business through products such as eco-friendly laundry detergent and cleaning products. At the same time, he is working on franchising and opening two new locations. 

Learn more about Fresh Dry Cleaners and find a location near you by visiting their website. They are also available on Instagram here