El Dukke: “Success is built with a good work team”

El Dukke also supports a large number of artists who are trying to enter the world of music, doing the work of headhunters, in addition to moving between cinema, television, permanently.

In Colombian style, Farid Duque ‘El Dukke’ has made his way in the world of entertainment as a producer not only in his country, but in Latin America as a whole and in the United States, both in film and television, music, and also in the management of artists.

This is how at age 40 and being the father of three children, Nathalia, Farid Camilo and Nicolás, “El Dukke” has managed to position himself in the competitive market of Latin America.

One of his most recent alliances has been with the writer Said Chamie, screenwriter of La Reina del Flow and The Mother’s Killer (Analía’s revenge). El Dukke joined ‘Apnea’, a film starring Andrea Guzmán and Gian Carlo Mendoza, which tells a story of suspense and terror that reveals the pain of a mother for having lost her daughter, where Duque was general and executive producer.

Farid Duque firmly believes that success is built, not only with talent, discipline and responsibility, but also with a good work team, surrounded by people who contribute good vibes and relationships with good contacts and great alliances.

Additionally, he is working on three film projects in Colombia, in which important figures from film and television participate: ‘Quoka la Agencia’, a super funny comedy; ‘Luxury’ a show where dynamic interviews with successful millionaires will be carried out. He will also produce a film in partnership with executive producer Juan Rengifo. These works will have a great impact on the Latino and international audience.

Without a doubt, 2021 has been a year to take giant steps. In September the pilot of ‘Cangrejo’ will be shot, a series in the United States with Argentine producer David Impelluso. In addition, he will be working alongside the director, screenwriter and speaker Jorge Cano.

On the music side, ‘El Dukke’ has been representing artists, with a wide portfolio of singers, actors, models, influencers, writers and directors. All this work has been rewarded by the entertainment company Latin Plug, which congratulated him for the work that he has been developing as an entrepreneur in the world of entertainment.

On the other hand, ‘El Dukke’ supports a large number of artists who are trying to enter the world of music, doing the work of headhunters. Through the ‘Light Project’, a reality show for social networks. It intends to bring light into the darkness and provide a platform to artists who struggle to find spaces to show their talent.