Derek J. Baiza announces official launch of MOGULBODY app startup to global market

DALLAS, Texas – Derek Baiza believes his upcoming app, MOGULBODY, will change the way people think about online fitness with a social media platform that will allow users to communicate.

“For me, my phone is a one-stop shop; I do everything on my phone– browsing, messaging, TikTok– I can even use it as a wallet. However, I haven’t yet found a fitness app that has worked for me, one that I actually look forward to opening. I’ve realized that the saturated market of fitness apps is missing something: connectivity. I engineered the MOGULBODY APP to create a community of users with similar goals in an effort to provide a premium user experience” Baiza remarks.

The pandemic of 2020 created a transformation across industries as lockdowns and quarantine created high demand for virtual access. Consumers now have increased opportunity and access to the world quite literally in the palm of their hands.

Baiza’s MOGULBODY app was born out of this increased demand for virtual access and provides a solution that fosters individual health and wellness through guided intermittent fasting, progress tracking, and detailed workout challenges sure to increase fitness performance. Most remarkably, the app features a social feed, allowing users to connect with individuals around the world and communicate, challenge, and achieve new goals with one another.

“The pandemic really taught me how powerful social media can be in allowing you to connect others that you may never otherwise have had the opportunity to meet. It can help ideas and dreams turn into achievable goals by giving consumers the power to network,” and for the users of his upcoming social MOGULBODY app, “[MOGULBODY] will help make fitness goals more attainable for all– not just the extremely self-disciplined– by providing a social network of accountability, motivation, and community that will help promote users’ well-being.”

Baiza has personally put a lot on the line to turn this dream into a reality: he financed the design and production of his MOGULBODY app through the selling of his newly-built home in Melissa, Texas. It was a move that Baiza saw as a logical step, with the idea of impacting lives across the world as his primary motivator.

The app, launched on May 10, 2022 is available on the App Store and Google Play for immediate download.


Born in the small city of Post, TX– an area of West Texas that boasts a population of 5,300– Derek Baiza has spent his life making constant efforts to stand out. One of six siblings, Baiza knows how to get attention– through hard work, grit, and quite a bit of resiliency. From a young age, he had big dreams of standing out. First as a college athlete, then an NFL prospect, and now a serious entrepreneur.

Derek Baiza has accumulated years of experience that he’s woven into the heart of his new tech company, MOGULBODY. He attended McMurry University in Abilene, TX from 2007-2012 where he focused his time studying for his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and playing for the University’s football team. Not only was Baiza the first of his family to matriculate, he was a record-setting All-American who went on to be invited to the NFL Combine in 2012.

After finding success in football, Baiza knew he was destined to continue breaking records for himself. He’s spent the past 10 years driving business to support the visions of his peers in entrepreneurship in the fitness and healthcare industries as a Director of Business Development while concurrently working on his own entrepreneurial endeavors in the Social Media realm. Now, Baiza is ready to focus solely on the growth and development of his MOGULBODY brand, combining his passions for high performance, achievement, and business to help millions across the world.