Clinton Williams Looked For Independence In His Workplace. What He Found Was The World Of Real Estate And Financial Independence

Clinton Williams understood that real estate was a great way to earn financial success in life. He was able to get a degree and follow his passion for the real estate world. Unfortunately, he began just as the markets began to decline. However, this did not stop him from pursuing his goals.

“My passion for real estate began when I was 19 year old in college studying to become a civil structural engineer. I understood from a young age the value that real estate presented as an investment. Following the trend as so many people did between 2004 and 2006, my brother and I started a real estate investment company where we bought and flipped homes. We acquired millions of dollars’ worth of properties and also like so many who bought speculatively in that market when the market crashed so did we,” Clinton recounts.

Being able to fall back on his degree saved Clinton from hitting financial rock bottom, but more importantly, it also gave him a different perspective that he was able to use to rebuild his real estate team. This has proved crucial for making his business different from others in the real estate industry.

“I own a real estate team in South Florida comprised of some of the most dedicated people in the industry. We specialize in personal and investment real estate. We help people find the properties of their dreams to live in and help investors acquire properties that would yield them their desired returns. I worked as a civil construction engineer for one of the largest construction engineering companies in the world while the real estate market rebounded. As a construction/structural engineer, I am able to see real estate from a different lens. More than a pretty house, I analyze the numbers behind the investment, the structure of the property, and everything else in between. I’d say looking at property as a whole separates me from other realtors as I can see details that most people without a construction background would easily miss,” Clinton explains.

What got Clinton involved in the real estate business is what the industry had to offer for him: independence. He describes it as an ability to be able to make his own decisions, investments, and livelihood instead of being under the influence of others.

“It might sound cliche, but it’s true — independence. When you work for someone else, you lose that sense of control over your freedom, your time, and even your dreams. To me, there’s nothing worse than putting all the work into building someone else’s dream while you see yours drift away. Beyond achieving independence, it’s also about building a legacy. As a father, legacy is all I have to leave behind for my child and my family. Working for myself and starting my own business was the only way to make sure I was building a legacy for my child,” Clinton remarks.

Not only was Clinton hoping to achieve independence with his decision to go into the real estate world, but he was also hoping to follow in the footsteps of his parents who showed him how important it was to own property and what that could do for someone in terms of gaining financial freedom.

“My parents were the ones who showed me the impact owning real estate can positively affect your life. They own rental properties on St Croix, US Virgin Islands where I was born and raised, and though, on a small scale, it showed me the importance of real estate and housing in general. At a young age, I understood that everyone needs shelter and that I could be the person who helped people find it. It’s an amazing feeling knowing you are part of that life changing experience when they purchase their first home or buy their first investment property. Besides the fairy-tale behind it, wealth was what inspired me the most. If you go back in history, you’ll see that our society’s most prominent figures have built their wealth through real estate or hold their wealth in it. Building wealth and a legacy so that my family can have the opportunity to pursue whatever dream they have is the motivation and inspiration to me every day. And I’m positive real estate is the best route to get there,” Clinton states.

Though 2020 posed its own challenges for Clinton, he has been able to come out on top and is looking forward to what 2021 holds. He has many big projects planned for the new year.

“Though 2020 was a rough year for many of us, it was also filled with advancement opportunities. To me, next year is about unlocking my team’s true potential. I’ll be focusing on expanding my network and building connections through media. Right now, we’re working on a niche product to help real estate investors find opportunities without having to travel or seeing the properties in person. Through my team of Real Estate Expert Advisors, with my background in engineering, and other key players, we’ll offer investors a unique and comprehensive analysis of properties in South Florida to help them expand their real estate portfolios without having to lift a finger.  Another project I’m excited to start next year is residential development in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. To me, creating new opportunities and building in my hometown is a dream come true, and the opportunity to help the community I grew up in,” Clinton says.

To find out more about Clinton, you can check out his instagram profile here and his website here.