Chris Jonex is a Latin Artist With High Engagement Throughout All Music Networks: Listen To His Latest Single “Deja Que Tus Manos”

Chris Jonex is a Colombian artist, entrepreneur, musician, and composer based between Mexico City and New York City. He is also the president of Hitmakers LLC and Jonex Enterprises, and recently released the song “Deja Que Tus Manos.”

Motivated by his passion for music, Chris started in the industry more than 15 years ago when he wrote his first song. Nowadays, he is one of the Latin artists with the highest engagement in different music networks such as Spotify, Amazon Music, and Tidal with more than 100 million plays in the course of just one year.

Chris is a native of Cali in Colombia. He studied systems engineering but his passion for music led him to take vocal technique, guitar, and piano lessons. After some time Chris moved to the United States where he got caught up in pop and urban music. 

This helped him to discover and develop his extraordinary ability as a composer and singer leading Chris to be one of the most complete and versatile artists in the music industry today.

As the president of Hitmakers Entertainment LLC, Chris leads a nascent record label that has more than 35K followers on social media. He releases his own music through this record label and supports other artists from Mexico and Colombia.

Chris has participated and worked in his role as a composer, producer, or arranger with great music stars such as J Balvin – Hacerte Mia (Feat Fat Joe); Alex Sirvent – No Me Queda Nada; Caló – Hasta El Amanecer – En Vivo; Big Metra – Cuando Ya No; Caló – Fuego (Candela) [En Vivo]; Gala Montes – Si Te Atreves; Felipe Sanchez – Noche Sin Contrato.

On social media, Chris interacts frequently with his more than 460K followers, sharing news about upcoming projects and music. Unlike other artists, he takes the time to engage with his followers and respond.

His most recent song titled “Deja Que Tus Manos” has reached in just one week of being released incredible numbers of plays on the main digital music platforms: more than 19 million plays on Spotify; 5 million on Tidal; 8 million on Amazon Music; and 3 million on Deezer. This way, Chris has become one of the most listened-to new artists on Spotify.