Chavez Allen, Better Known As Pajama Billionaire, On A Daily Mission To Create Billionaires

When we think of our adult life as young kids, we often think of ourselves following in our parents’ footsteps. This means going to a college and getting a job just like they did. Even if it is not the path your parents had, it is often ingrained in us at a young age that these are the steps to success. However, for Chavez Allen, better known as Pajama Billionaire, it was fighting against this path that led him to success.

“I had the same struggle as many young Jamaicans: facing the limitations of traditionalism. At a very young age, I had to overcome the idea that going to school, getting a job and working for the rest of my life was the only way I could make a living or be happy, when this is not the case.

I was born and raised in the inner city, in August Town, Kingston Jamaica where I lived with my mother. My mother worked hard providing for us, but sometimes it wasn’t enough. Going to school, I had to devise ways to make money in order to pay for things like lunch, uniforms, books, school supplies and my exams,” Chavez explains.

From a young age, Chavez tried to get ahead in the entrepreneurial world. He was working hard and hustling by creating his own businesses. He was even asking his family to help him as he began his venture.

“One of my first ventures was selling the biscuit snack Brinky. I had begged my aunty $1000JMD for lunch money but instead I used the money to go downtown and buy these biscuits to then sell them at school. This hustle helped pay for my exams and other things I needed for school.

During the summer, I worked at MegaMart supermarket where my pay was $25,000JMD per month (6250JMD per week). This wasn’t a lot at the time and I said to myself I needed to multiply this money and make more, so I invested my pay into snapbacks hats, which were very popular at the time,” Chavez states.

Now, Chavez is helping people build their own businesses and expand their wealth. His main business is called Billionaires Academy.

“As an entrepreneur, I teach people how I was able to attain my success and abundance. I worked smart, invested my money wisely and created multiple streams of income and multiple businesses and I show others how to do the same through my main business: Billionaires Academy.

Billionaires Academy, which at one point was a financial education company created to teach people how to make consistent profits from the Forex Markets, has since become a community and movement for people who wish to live a more meaningful, fulfilling and abundant life. Billionaires Academy is an organization which provides ANYONE who wishes to live a life of abundance with the skills, tools, support and environment to do so,” Chavez remarks.

What makes Chavez different from others in his business is that he is providing new and real opportunities for people who have not had them in the past.

“Through results and by providing real life-changing opportunities. My students and myself are living testimonies. When people come to Billionaires Academy they get a real life change, they get the ultimate breakthrough they’ve been searching for. 

There are a lot of Forex Traders, Forex teachers and Business Coaches/Mentors out there, but how I set myself apart is by helping people live the life and achieve the goals they could usually only dream of.  I have students who’ve paid off debt, started businesses, provided for their families and created lives of abundance all because they joined our family, believed in themselves and put the necessary work in to produce positive results daily.

We have thousands of success stories and testimonials,” Chavez says.

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