Battle Growlies are the Future of the NFT World: Learn More About These Unique 3D Tokens With 20+ Characters and a Growing Community

Since Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) made their appearance in the crypto world, everything changed. NFTs provide veracity to a piece of work (a painting, for example), and they can also represent a currency that can have real uses or be exchanged for other currencies like the dollar.

Among the many existing NFTs, Battle Growlies stand out. They are a cool collection of 3D NFTs, created by a team that has worked on different projects with renowned brands such as Adobe, Nickelodeon (SpongeBob SquarePants), Play-Doh, Viacom, to name a few. 

CreuD and Onem, the co-founders of Battle Growlies have been involved in the NFT industry since it started in April and May 2021. When the possibility of generating higher quality art arrived, they were motivated to undertake this project.

Battle Growlies is not only the tokens but also a strong community that comes with it with the potential to establish itself over time in not only the NFT industry but also in Blockchain and the Metaverse.

But throughout the process of creating and launching Battle Growlies, CreuD and Onem have encountered some obstacles that they have been overcoming to continue on the path of success.

“There have been two big obstacles. The first was to finish the collection and

the art according to our experience and expectations. We have to produce a

high quality product. And the second is development and programming,

which has been a major challenge from the beginning because we decided

to do everything from scratch.” Say CreuD and Onem.

Like in any other job or project, it is important to have a strong mindset. The NFTs industry is no exception as people must be prepared for the challenges that come with a growing landscape.

Your mind must be programmed to execute, direct, solve, produce, relieve stress and endure sleepless days. You must be focused on the goal.” The co-founders state.

One of the main tasks the Battle Growlies co-founders handled first was finding the right partners and creators to work with. They had to be people who could withstand the pressure or a large amount of work. 

The Battle Growlies team is a multidisciplinary group working from all over the world: USA, Spain, Mexico, Hungary, UK, Indonesia, and Morocco.” Say CreuD and Onem, the co-founders of Battle Growlies.

Battle Growlies, represents the future. Its creators are committed to create for the token owners a comic book and an animated film with the many characters that make up Battle Growlies. 

There are a lot of cool plans and developments that we want to get going as soon as we sell everything. Of course, if the users in our community agree to it.” They share.

This collection of NFTs is not like any other not only because it was created by a group of wonderful professionals in their areas, but also because most of the collections have one character and develop everything around that character while Battle Growlies has 20 different characters with their own accessories and weapons.

Battle Growlies is also a collection of 3D NFTs, which stand out from other traditional tokens. The team is preparing a collection of 10,000 tokens and is expecting to mint them in early March.

“For those planning to start their own NFT collection, I would recommend four things: 1. Develop an actual work plan. Define dates, needs, tasks and a team. 2. Focus efforts on community development in Discord and Twitter. 3. Have an outstanding artist/art balance. 4. Understand your motive because the NFT community is a 24/7 community.” Advise CreuD and Onem.

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