Batbox: the perfect experience, attraction and amenity to add into any new or existing entertainment venue.

People around the world love and appreciate the sport of baseball. Players come from all across the world to play in the big leagues and even more fans come and watch the sport every year. Even if people do not end up playing in major leagues, many people played baseball as kids and the love of the sport has translated to their adult lives. However, what is unique about baseball is that many people give up playing at all as they grow older. With other sports, recreational leagues are still popular, but not with baseball.

Batbox is a company that seeks to change that. Their company focuses on creating a new kind of interactive baseball experience that can be enjoyed at all kinds of venues including game stores, restaurants, and other entertainment locations. 

Batbox is the ideal attraction, amenity and experience to add into any innovative Eatertainment concept that wants to generate new revenue, attract new customers and celebrate the sport by offering a revolutionary, immersive baseball experience. 

Batbox utilizes Strikezon, a sophisticated and premium baseball simulator in the market with cutting edge technology, to bring a new dimension to the game, where up to 18 players can enjoy a complete life-like ballgame.

Whether it’s for an existing restaurant, sports bar, entertainment center, stadium, airport, shopping mall or hotel, Batbox can be anywhere. Batbox is a great way for offering the best entertainment experience for your guests. In a 15 x 36 ft. space, you’ll be able to create the ultimate entertainment baseball experience. Plus, you will be able  to maximize revenue and generate a recurrent base of loyal clients through leagues, tournaments and more.

Baseball, America’s national pastime and the highest ticket selling sports and yet, it has never been approached this way before. Batbox is dedicated to bringing people in America closer to the game of baseball, aiming to serve an unattended baseball fan market, offering a new and playful way for sports fans to engage with baseball and with each other.

While there are batting cages and baseball simulators designed for training, at present there is no baseball-focused entertainment concept that combines the virtual experience of playing baseball with a social atmosphere and great food and beverage.  

Other sports simulators rely on technology alone, Batbox combines high definition screen simulation and electronic sensors with real ball play—both pitching and at-bats—giving guests control over the way they interact with the game and an invigorating, physical experience. 

Batbox will be a completely new concept in the United States and will cater to the underserved baseball fan market, offering a new and playful way for sports fans to engage with baseball and with each other. 

“We want to offer a completely new sports entertainment experience to our customers by sharing the social and competitive environment that is created, the fun moments with friends, the social part of getting closer to your family, friends and colleagues, through the game of baseball. We want to create unforgettable experiences and generate trust, loyalty and constant engagement with our customers through our different platforms.”

Batbox holding company, VE Entertainment, are Strikezon’s official partner in America, one of the biggest sports entertainment technology manufacturers in Asia and are looking to create one of the fastest growing sports entertainment concepts in the continent, looking to expand Batbox into a huge unattended market in the US.

We are looking for sport-loving business owners, investors and customers who want to join us in the mission to expand this amazing sports & lifestyle brand, taking baseball closer to more people every day. 

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