Andy Audate is Revolutionizing the Marketing Industry By Helping Small Businesses With His Marketing Software, Progreda

Andy Audate is a published author, motivational speaker, and serial entrepreneur, who runs Audate Media, a marketing agency based in Las Vegas, Nevada. He and his team help coaches and entrepreneurs get more exposure while enhancing their marketing funnels, ad campaigns, and sales processes. 

We do all this and more for business owners to automatically get more sales,” Andy says.

In his journey as an entrepreneur, Andy has chosen to self-educate which has allowed him to eventually change his circumstances. 

This path has not only allowed me to change my circumstances, but it has also allowed me to effectively communicate the desire to be great to others. I help entrepreneurs start and scale their businesses.” He shares.

Once Andy started generating more money for his company and reached his first million dollars, he realized that reaching that figure was not only possible for him, but for all entrepreneurs across the country.

“I created a marketing agency to help small business owners become more known because marketing is what drives sales and sales is what drives freedom.” Andy recounts.

In starting his business, Andy was driven by the desire to speak and share with others a message of progress that would teach others why and how to make progress daily.

“This helped me realize that speakers don’t get paid to speak. Speaking is just a form of marketing.” He says.

Having gained this information, he jumped right into the marketing industry to learn all the skills related to digital marketing. Today, what sets Andy apart from others in his industry is his approach to sales and marketing for his clients. 

“When it comes to making sure our clients win, we get down and dirty, and we’re not just a salesperson, we’re a marketing person, we are very aggressive. We do testing, lots of different tests, and we analyze to determine what works and what doesn’t. We focus on what is scalable in the future so that our client can operate their business autonomously rather than focusing on the now.”  Andy comments. 

The type of marketing Andy and his team do is focused on helping their clients get new customers and get noticed, on social media, through podcasts, and more. Part of how they do this is through an online software they created called Progreda.

Progreda allows business owners to interact with their clients by managing a variety of tools such as a website, marketing funnels, email marketing, phone calls, and messages all in one.

Inspired by the GMB integration, Progreda also features appointment reminders that will send automatic text messages to remind customers of their appointment while they are waiting for them in the comfort of their own homes. 

Progreda also includes a web chat feature that makes it easy for customers who are already on your website to chat with a representative right away without having to pick up the phone or leave their homes. 

Progreda automates sales and marketing to help your business grow. We want to drive traffic to your website.” Andy states.

Looking ahead Andy is developing what he calls The Progression Conference which is a day-long business event where he brings successful business owners together in a room so they can share their growth strategies, their processes, and their systems so people can take that information and apply it to their business.

On the other hand, Andy is also focused on networking with other entrepreneurs from around the world who are thriving with their businesses. 

The networking opportunities are phenomenal. So what I recognize is that the opportunity is in the show-up.” Andy adds.

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