A Master in the Entertainment Industry: Mr Chris Hypnotyc Didn’t Get There by Chance. He Worked Harder than Those Around Him to Make it Happen. Find Out More Below.

Chris Pinilla, better known as Mr Chris Hypnotyc, had many struggles thrown at him early in life. Immigrating to the United States at a young age, he was unable to work and his mom had to work day in and day out to provide a better life for the two of them.

“I came to this country when I was 11 years old after everything was taken away from me back home in Bolivia including my grandparents who passed on the same year. I was blessed to enter with a visa but still could not work. My mother was working in restaurants, cleaning houses, and any opportunity she was presented with. She came from being a professional but did whatever she could to provide me a better life. I got tired of seeing her like that and at 14 years old decided to look for opportunities. I knocked many doors and for both reasons: age + papers many didn’t open,” Mr Chris Hypnotyc recounts.

However, Mr Chris Hypnotyc never gave up and never stopped trying to find opportunities for himself and his family. Though it wasn’t the job that he wanted, he helped him begin the journey that would lead to his success. He continued to try and get his foot in the door in the entertainment industry.

“Finally one opened up and started working at a cell phone accessories stand and repair shop at the mall back when nextel was popular. I learned to fix phones and sell, also realized that I was meeting a lot of people and becoming popular. Then I decided to knock doors in the entertainment industry, teen parties became a thing and I had among the best teen events which helped me help my mom and myself make it. Many still doubted me when I said I would work with artists and bigger things in the future. I was cool but still everything was a joke to people,” Mr Chris Hypnotyc states.

For Mr Chris Hypnotyc, he made his dream come true. He was able to help his mom so that she didn’t have to work any longer. His company has allowed him to also stop living paycheck to paycheck. He had many people who doubted him on his way, but he was able to keep working in order to accomplish his goals.

“Dreams do become a reality when you work hard! I ended up working among the biggest artists, doing the biggest events, and working on radio, tv. Owning my own company and being able to stop living paycheck to paycheck and most of it did it without any papers. But that American Dream is to become a US Citizen and also achieved that recently too. ALL THAT PEOPLE DOUBTED IN ME! I DID! And that’s what makes me different is that no matter what I don’t give up and I don’t do it to prove to others. I do it for ME. My goal is not to just have followers but to create leaders. I want to make a difference in others and show that no matter how many obstacles there are, you can do it!” Mr Chris Hypnotyc says.

What differentiated Mr Chris Hypnotyc from the rest of his competition in the entertainment industry is that he loves what he does and that means no matter what happens, he is happy continuing to work in the field that he does.

“Money is not the reason why I hustle, it’s the satisfaction of loving what I do. My passion moves my company along. I have worked with some of the biggest names in the Latin Music Industry, Attended Latin Grammys and Billboard as a VIP Guest. Traveled the world doing what I love,” Mr Chris Hypnotyc details.

In addition to all that he is doing for artists, Mr Chris Hypnotyc is also working hard in his community to support the people and places that helped get him to where he is today. Partnering with Boost Mobile, he has given out over 6000 toys to local kids within the metro area. To find out more about Mr Chris Hypnotyc and all the amazing work he is doing in and out of the studio, you can follow him on Instagram here and check out his website here.